InDesign Quick Tip: Disable Content Grabber

If you’re like me, and you were used to the way Adobe InDesign handled images within the bounding box, the addition of the Content Grabber feature might be annoying. InDesign CS5 introduced the “Content Grabber”, which was described on their website like this:

The content grabber appears as a circle when you hover over an image using the Selection tool. Use the content grabber to select and move the content of a frame with the Selection tool still selected. This behavior effectively replaces that of the Position tool, which is removed from InDesign CS5. If you rotate the content with the frame, a horizontal line appears in the center of the content grabber. This line mirrors the rotation angle of the content. The content grabber draws over each frame that is part of a group. Use the Selection tool to reposition content within a frame that is part of the group.

It’s useful to the beginner, I suppose. But too often I found myself clicking and dragging on a bounding box expecting to move the object, only to move the content within the object instead.

Disabling content grabber
To disable content grabber altogether, simply go to to “View -> Extras -> Hide Content Grabber”.

Disable Content Grabber in InDesign CS5

18 comments on “InDesign Quick Tip: Disable Content Grabber

  1. Astrid Mueller on

    THANK YOU. You don’t know how LONG this feature has bothered me. So grateful there was a way to turn it off. Who on earth thought designers who are used to the way things work (or even beginners for that matter) suddenly need an obscure “oh maybe you actually want to do this other thing” feature? No! I want to do what I’m trying to do, not anything else. No gimmicks needed.

    Thanks again so much, you saved me some more raw nerves 😉

  2. Tim on

    Thank you so much! You don’t know how much I cursed the Lord because off this stupid feauture. I’m going to hell for sure for this ‘content grabber’. Thank you Adobe!

  3. Hal on

    This has been pissing me off for 3 years. Only now, though, did I think to see if I could turn it off. Changed my life. Thank you.

  4. Martin on

    Thank you! After our IT department installed an update on my Mac I suddenly missed the content grabber that I got used to during the recent years… Thanks to your article I finally know how to activate it again. 🙂

  5. gabifan on

    I’ve been searching for this for like 5 years but couldn’t figure out how it was called in english 🙂 THANK YOU , SIR ! Now I can work and click everywhere without hitting that ennoying useless feature 🙂 I’m happy !

  6. Randy on

    Thank you. I’m getting really tired of Adobe and their constant need to bloat out their software. I’m still using CS3 at home and I am more than capable of doing anything in the design world that is needed. At work, however I am forced to us CC and it’s is a mess. Glitchy, bloated and full of features that no one needed or even wanted. It’s so nice to be able to turn this annoying and useless feature off. All you have to do is double click the image to move it’s content. Why do they think we need this huge, eye sore of a tool to do that?

    Now if only Adobe would stop forcing things on us like that CC Library crap. Took me weeks to figure out how to stop that from opening every time I opened InDesign. If we don’t want to use it, Adobe, stop trying to force us!!!!


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